10ml Polypropylene Tube with Jacket

10ml Polypropylene Tube with Jacket

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Working volume


Tube height


Tube height with screw cap


Inner diameter


Outer diameter


Min Temp


Ideal For Cold Storage

Temperature range -150 to 110°C, (with screw cap) suitable for cryogenic storage. Can be autoclaved.


Automation Friendly

Compatible with the XSD-96 range of tube decapper/ recappers to automatically remove and recap screw caps from

96- or 48-format racked tubes.

TwistLock feature prevents tubes rotating within the rack during capping or decapping process.


Direct Laser Etching Of Racks

Cutout windows on the rack sides allow the linear barcode to be read more easily.

Linear barcodes can be laser etched directly onto the rack.


Superior Code Quality

Easy to read, even in harsh conditions or when damaged.

Black on white 2D Datamatrix code with improved white quiet zone, FluidX offer one of the few ranges that adheres fully to the ECC200 standard.

Code generated using latest and most sophisticated error correction methods.

New generation, high quality, permanent laser etching system provides sharper detail.

100% QC. Every tube checked to ensure they meet our exacting standards for readability.


Automatic Rack Orientation, More Secure Tracking

Racks can be supplied with a unique 2D Data Matrix code identifier.

Can be read simultaneously when using a FluidX whole rack 2D-code reader.

Provides automatic rack orientation and more secure sample tracking.


Free from DNase, RNase, DNA and endotoxins.

Sterilisation is achieved by irradiation conducted in accordance with

EN552, ISO11137 and SI/AAMI/ST31/ST32standards.





Cat no 65-9301

EasyTrack 10ml polypropylene tubes with jacket. 2D coded tubes with plastic jacket.

Pre-capped with Screw Cap, linear code and human readable number on side. 240 tubes per case.


Cat no 65-9455

24 Way Rack for 2D Coded 10ml PP Tubes (Cat Number 65-9301) with LidLock. Open bottom for reading on XTR range of rack reader. 10 racks per case

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