Refroidissement ou congélation sans glace CoolBox™

Refroidissement ou congélation d’échantillons en tubes et plaques sans glace ni gel.

Ice-free alternative to ice buckets or plastic gel-filled coolers
Cool, freeze, snap-freeze or transport sample tubes or plates.
Uniform well-temperature within 0.1℃ - no variability between tubes or plate wells
Place blue cooling cartridge under CoolRack for 0.5℃ to 4℃ for up to 10 hours
Use green freezing cartridge for -18℃ to -6℃ up to 6 hours
Use dry ice for six hours of -78℃ for snap-freezing
Use dry ice with insulator pad to achieve -25℃ for up to 5 hours
Place a small CoolRack in the CoolBox with liquid nitrogen for -150℃ workstation
Use for short transport between labs, buildings or cross-town deliveries


CoolBox 30 System (BCS-130 series) and CoolBox MP System (BCS-144 series) come complete with CoolBox, lid and blue cooling cartridge.
Other systems also include CoolRack or CoolSink thermo-conductive tube/plate holders
Constructed out of highly durable cross-linked dense polyethylene foam
Cooling and freezing cartridges are compact and can be frozen and stored in a -20℃ freezer
To extend cooling or freezing, replace spent cartridge in the CoolBox with a frozen one from the freezer
Clean with aqueous detergents, alcohol, bleach or acid/base viricides - do not autoclave
Excellent resistance to fluid absorption, surface abrasion, and rust
For labeling, use BioCision CryoLabels #BCS-168. Repeated application and removal of labels will not affect surface.

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