A selection of transfer plasmids that allow simple cloning and facilitate homologous recombination into the flashBAC system. These can offer further improvements to protein expression and modification.

pOET1 et pOET2: Designed for high level expression of foreign genes under the powerful
AcMNPV polyhedrin (polh) promoter. Contain a Col E1 origin of replication and an Ampicillin
resistance gene for selection in E. coli.

pOET1 et pOET2 6xHIS: These vectors greatly ease the purification of the recombinant
proteins since the 6×His-containing fusion proteins bind with high affinity to Ni-NTA Agarose. The vectors are available with a choice of either N or C terminal His tags.

pOET3 et pOET4: Protein expression is driven by the AcMNPV p6.9 promoter which provides earlier expression than the polh promoter used in pOET1 and pOET2. Suitable when expressing proteins that require extensive post translational modifications.

pOET5 Is a dual promoter baculovirus transfer vector designed for high level expression of two
foreign genes simultaneously under the powerful AcMNPV polh promoter and the very late p10 promoter. This vector is also suitable for the expression of multi-subunit proteins.

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