NEXTflex Cell free DNA Seq Kit

NEXTflex Cell free DNA Seq Kit

NEXTflex™ Cell Free Illumina DNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

Ideal for sequencing of cell free DNA (cfDNA) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA)

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  • Designed for low sample input - Only 1 ng of input DNA required
  • Accelerated workflow requiring 2 hours or less, with minimal hands-on time
  • Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology offers a larger number of unique sequencing reads
  • Flexible adapter barcode options – Kits containing up to 192 unique barcodes
  • Compatible with Illumina® sequencing platforms
  • Protocols available for automation


NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit Protocol for Illumina® Sequencing


NEXTflex Cell-Free DNA-Seq Workflow for Illumina


Bioo Scientific’s NEXTflex™ Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit can produce libraries from 1 ng of cell free DNA for circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) or cell free fetal DNA (cffDNA) analysis, in two hours. This low-input library preparation kit delivers high coverage quality and reduced bias for Illumina sequencing applications.

This kit is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Reduced Bias and Coverage Gaps

NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kits contain NEXTflex™ PCR polymerase, a high fidelity enzyme that exhibits minimal GC bias and produces uniform coverage of difficult to sequence genome regions. This kit also incorporates Bioo Scientific’s patent pending Enhanced Adapter Ligation Technology, which offers the best available ligation efficiency, resulting in greater library diversity and a larger number of unique sequencing reads. These optimizations enable researchers to obtain more information from each sequencing run.

Prepare Libraries in Only 2 Hours

The NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit can be used to prepare single, paired-end and multiplexed DNA libraries for sequencing using Illumina® platforms. The NEXTflex™ 1-step End-Repair and Adenylation protocol simplifies the library prep workflow and shortens hands-on library construction time. In addition, the availability of up to 384 single-index barcodes facilitates high-throughput applications.

We recommend using the NextPrep-Mag™ cfDNA Isolation Kit for isolation of circulating DNA from blood plasma prior to library prep with the NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit.

Automation Protocols Available

The NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit is compatible with the Beckman® Biomek® FX and Biomek® FXP Laboratory Automation Workstations. A protocol is currently being validated for the PerkinElmer Sciclone Workstations. Contact us at NextGen@biooscientific.com for more details.

Flexible Multiplexing Options

The NEXTflex Cell Free Illumina DNA-Seq Library Prep Kit is designed to be used with the NEXTflex™ DNA BarcodesNEXTflex-96™ DNA barcodes and NEXTflex-HT™ Barcodes. These barcodes are available in sets of 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 and 384 unique indexed adapters. All of these NEXTflex™ Adapters are long, annealed adapters that offer an improved multiplexing workflow and flexible setup.

Papers that Cite the Use of the NEXTflex Cell-Free DNA-Seq Kit:

Xia, S. et al. (2015) Genomic variations in plasma cell free DNA differentiate early stage lung cancers from normal controls. Lung Cancer. doi: 10.1016/j.lungcan.2015.07.002.

Kit Specs

The NEXTflex Cell Free DNA-Seq Kit for Illumina Library Prep contains enough material to prepare 8 or 48 DNA samples for Illumina® sequencing. The shelf life of all reagents is 12 months when stored properly. All components can be safely stored at -20°C. These kits ship on dry ice. 


This kit is manufactured to the international quality standard ISO 13485.

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