CoolRack® L

CoolRack® L

Lightweight, insulated module for up to 12 x 15 mL centrifuge tubes

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CoolRack L modules provide cooling for up to 12 15ml centrifuge tubes.  The thermo-conductive alloy base and tube wells ensure uniform, consistent and reproducible cooling for all samples.  The outer shell is constructed of a durable, highly insulative closed-cell polyethylene foam that allows minimal heat influx while providing a comfortable grip.   

The external shell stays firmly attached to the base and tube wells through a magnetic connection at the base seam.  To clean, detach the external shell from the base frame.  The base frame is autoclavable or can be cleaned with alcohol, 10% bleach solution and most common laboratory detergents and cleaning agents.  The outer shell can be cleaned with alcohol, 10% bleach solution, and most common laboratory detergents and cleaning agents. 

Cooling on ice
Place CoolRack L module directly on ice in an ice bucket.   The CoolRack L module will adapt to <4℃ within one to two minutes and will remain below 4℃ as long as the base of the module stays in direct contact with ice.  

Ice-free cooling
For short-term cooling (approximately three hours):  Use CoolRack L module in a CoolBox MP ice-free cooling system.  (NOTE:  the CoolRack L module is tall and will not allow the CoolBox MP lid to close.  However, the CoolRack L module is insulated, thus providing similar performance to a closed CoolBox MP.  If lid closure is important, please see CoolBox XT below.)

For long-term cooling (approximately 10 hours):  Use CoolRack L in a CoolBox XT or CoolBox 2XT ice-free workstation.  Because the CoolRack L module has an insulative outer shell, it is not necessary to close the lid of the CoolBox XT to achieve maximum cooling duration.  However, if lid closure is important to your application, please order a CoolBox XT Extension Collar to extend the height of the CoolBox XT workstation and allow the lid to close.

Made in USA.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.7 x 9.4 x 11.9 cm / 5.4 x 3.7 x 4.7 in  

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